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Machine Replacement Program

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A Large Cup of Service, To Go
Our shop has wheels - we have a fully stocked fleet of service vans ready for your on-site repair. Each service vehicle carries a variety of parts for a wide range of equipment. Once dispatched, our technicians travel to your location and diagnose and repair most problems without removing the equipment.

Machine Replacement Program
Imagine yourself working at your coffee shop on a night where business is brisk. Suddenly, your espresso machine breaks down. The service technician tells you the machine will need to go into the shop for a more extensive diagnosis or repair. So much for your espresso drink revenues for that evening. And what will you tell your customers?

We believe that if your machine has a problem, it doesn't mean your business has to have one. That's why we implemented our Machine Replacement Program. If your Nouva Simonelli® Espresso Machine, Coffee Brewer or Granita Machine can't be fixed on the spot, we will replace it with a similar model until yours is back to being its reliable self again. If your machine is still under its warranty period, or if you are on one of our preventative maintenance programs, this service is absolutely free. If not, this service remains available with a nominal fee. This fee is a weekly fee based upon the average time it takes to repair your machine. Our goal is to keep your business running, even if your machine decides not to.

Water Evaluation/Filter Replacement

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Water can be an espresso machine's worst enemy, or its greatest ally. Some of its contents can clog internal pathways, coat electrical parts or make your drinks taste less than perfect. In fact, more than 60% of our service calls are a direct result of improper water condition. These repairs are usually costly and are avoidable. That's why it's critical to make certain your water is fit for your equipment and the consistency of the products you serve.

We provide water evaluations and can make recommendations based on analysis. When you purchase a machine from us, this service is done automatically, before your equipment is installed. If you are already in business and uncertain about the condition of your water or water treatment system, we encourage you to call to set up an evaluation.

Espresso Midwest provides a number of high-end water filters, replacement cartridges and treatment products that can help you win the battle against water-related problems. We'll help you remember to maintain these solutions by contacting you when cartridge changes or softener regenerations are due. We want to help you achieve your goals for clean water.

Preventive Maintenance Program

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A Program Exclusively from Espresso Midwest
Preventative Maintenance ensures the life of your espresso machines, grinders, brewers, and granita machines. This program will help prevent unexpected down-time which costs you money and frustrates or disappoints your customers.

The Preventative Maintenance Plan includes:
  • 16 Point Check-up
  • Flexible Low, Medium, or High Volume Plans
  • Discounts on Parts
  • Automated Filter & Softener Changes
  • 24-Hour On-call Service
  • Discounted Equipment Rentals
Invest in the long-term life of your equipment and your business. You can decide to initiate this program at any time. We keep track of what service needs to be done and when. You get peace of mind and your machine will last much longer.

Preventative Maintenance saves you money as a total package. By keeping your machine up and running, you don't lose sales or customers! We'll schedule your maintenance during slow times to minimize inconvenience. Call us for pricing.

Computerized Tracking of Services

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Computers have become a useful resource in nearly everyone's daily work. We use computers for many things that benefit our customers, including tracking service needs and history. We give our customers the advantage of keeping track of water filter and preventative maintenance schedules and the status of their warranty.

We can tell you when we were last out to service your machine or when we installed it. Our service department uses this information to prevent untimely repairs as well as to help recognize and trouble-shoot recurring problems. May we help you keep track of your maintenance needs today? Call or E-mail us for more details.

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