12 Reasons to use Espresso Midwest for your Coffee Shop Training and Consulting

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  • Increasing Drink Quality

    Many coffee shops simply do not know that their drink quality could be much improved. What is your extraction time for espresso? How do you insure drinks are topped with velvety small-celled froth? Are all staff making drinks the same way to ensure consistency?

  • Providing the Best Customer Service

    Does your coffee shop provide better customer service than the competition? Many shops have friendly staff, but do your staff know exactly how handle complaints, refunding, mistakenly made drinks, answering complicated questions, making custom orders, truly going above and beyond?

  • Coffee Shop Equipment Selection

    Whether you are selecting all of the coffee shop equipment for a new operation or simply replacing one item in an existing shop, we can help you match up your needs with the right piece of equipment, and answer all your equipment questions.

  • Speed of Service

    We can show you how to set up your store and train your staff to make drinks of high quality very quickly while minimizing mistakes. Instead of staff becoming disorganized when a rush hits, we can show your staff how to easily handle rushes and have fun while doing it.

  • Reduce Waste in Product and Labor Costs

    Are you throwing out more milk, blended product, mistakenly made drinks, expired food and other product, etc., than necessary? Are staff taking too long to open and close the store? Do you have a problem with staff standing around with nothing to do? What measures do you take to ensure the proper amount of milk is steamed, coffee brewed, ingredients used? We can help.

  • Development of Daily Operational Sheets

    Having a system to help maintain accountability is a key part to being successful in the coffee business. We know how to create effective "To Do" sheets for you and your staff, including: Opening List, Shift Checklist, Weekly List, Bulk Mix Daily Level List, Closing list, Equipment Maintenance Checklist, Sandwich & Pastry Daily Level List, Training List, and so on.

  • Local and In-store Marketing

    How to effectively increase sales while customers are in your store (without being too pushy!). Utilizing areas of your front counter to maximize impulse sales. Picking the most effective store front and window signage. Taking advantage of aggressive couponing, seasonal drink promotion, grand and re-grand openings, and more, to get customers in the door.

  • Learning Coffee Shop Equipment Maintenance

    We can show you how to do basic, to the more advanced equipment maintenance - helping you make better drinks and saving you money on repairs. From calibrating milk steaming thermometers, removing and cleaning group screens, removing "milk scale" from steam wands and steaming pitchers, to calibrating espresso shot volumes, replacing grinder burrs, and taking apart and "deep cleaning" espresso grinders. Whether you own commercial espresso machines, commercial coffee brewers, or commercial ice cream machines, we will help you proactively maintain your store equipment.

  • Store Layout and Design

    Whether you are opening a new store or trying to improve the set up of an existing one, we can help you with your layout and design. The length, width, and shape of counter tops, and equipment placement all play a critical role in making drinks quickly and increasing labor efficiency.

  • Menu Development

    Figuring out what drinks to offer, what kind and how many flavors to have (not ALL of them!), naming drinks, pricing drinks, and simply designing a menu board that clearly communicates what you are selling to enhance the overall customer experience.

  • Training Your Staff

    We can show you effective training techniques and how to develop an ongoing program, covering all areas, including: drink making, customer service, daily operations, working as a team during a rush, stocking, cleaning, cash handling, and so on.

  • Managerial Duties

    We can help you with: hiring the best, when to terminate, recruitment, scheduling to lower labor costs, profit and loss statement analysis, ordering, safety responsibilities, health code requirements, driving sales, reducing costs, conducting inventories, maintaining proper inventory levels, making deposits, and so on.

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